Opening Your Crate

Step #1

Unscrew front wall with screw driver

The amount of screws vary on each crate dependent on its size. The crate is re-usable and perfectly fitted for your valuable art. So store your screws in a safe place or put the outer wall back on the crate and everything will stay in it’s place.

Opening Your Crate

Step #2

Scrape foam from the top of each Corner

Any larger sharp knife can be used. Cut the foam like suggested in the graphic – Foam is 100% biodegradable and can be reused for further shipping.

Opening Your Crate

Step #3

Remove the 4 triangle corners and lift inner crate out of the outer crate

After removing the screws from the corners, the inner crate can be lifted out of the outer crate.

Opening Your Crate

Step #4

Remove artwork from inner crate
by gently lifting, then open the cardboard

Opening Your Crate