Antique Shipping Las Vegas

Antique Shipping Las Vegas

When you need antique shipping in Las Vegas or elsewhere, you can rely on Museum Choice to make sure each item is handled with the care it deserves. Since they are valuable, unique, and often fragile pieces, special consideration needs to be take when transporting them to make sure they don’t suffer any damage in transit.

Museum Choice Crating and Shipping is your go-to service when it comes to transporting precious antiques, whether you just need a quick door to door delivery or you need it sent to another country. Our comprehensive services allow you peace of mind as each item is handled with the best professional care.

Unique Items, Unique Shipping

Whether you’ve just sold an antique or bought one, transporting the item can be a process that’s both risky and tiresome. Each item will be unique, often requiring specialized packing and handling to make sure it doesn’t get damaged between point A and point B. If the packing process is not handled well, there is a higher risk of damage and loss.

Museum Choice solves this problem with expert assessment of each item and custom-fitted crating that’s designed to protect it through every stage of its journey from one place to another, no matter how long that trip will be. Our patented floating crate design ensures an item will reach its destination without so much as a scratch, even in rough handling conditions. No matter the weight, size, and durability of the item, our crating methods will keep it well protected.


If you’ve sold an antique, you’ll often need to get it shipped, such as if it was purchased online. With our crating methods and logistics services, we make sure each item reaches its destination on time and without any damage whatsoever. The satisfaction of the buyer and your own reputation are at stake when it comes to shipping, which is why we make sure to take the utmost care when handling and transporting antique items.


If you’re a collector, you know that the slightest scratch in an antique item will ruin its value. Whether you’ve acquired an antique item at a face to face auction or obtained it online, shipping can be a stressful matter to consider. Museum Choice takes the stress out of antique shipping in Las Vegas or elsewhere with our comprehensive packing and transportation services.

Comprehensive Services

We do more than just transport your antique item. We pack it with state-of-the-art crating technology that absorbs the shocks and bumps of even the roughest handling, ensuring that it arrives in perfect condition. Additionally, our full logistics services make sure deliveries are made on time, our domestic and international shipping expertise handles the details of transporting heavy or fragile items over long distances, and our professional experience and COD services assure you that each piece will be handled with the utmost care and consideration.

If you need antique shipping in Las Vegas, across the nation, or around the world, Museum Choice Crating and Shipping provides the packing and delivery services you need.