Art Cart

You can look to Museum Choice when you need to move large pieces of artwork with an exhibition cart in Las Vegas or a mover’s art cart in Las Vegas. These carts can be used to handle loads and protect their cargo from damage due to shifts or scuffing. The following are reasons why you should choose Museum Choice to help you move your valuable art pieces.

Excellent Design

The carts are designed to handle most art pieces, whether they be large art pieces or many different smaller works, such as paintings. These carts are able to fit through most doors for easy transport into buildings without having to load and unload. They are also lightweight, but this doesn’t take away the fact that they can hold up to 1000 pounds without a problem. The exhibition carts for Las Vegas are also designed with carpeted surfaces to prevent any damage to the art pieces while they are transported.
The carts are custom made, which means they can be sized for whatever cargo you might need to move. The rubber wheels are quiet on concrete, carpet and wood. They are soft enough that they will not cause any damage to these materials. All joints are screwed and glued for sturdy craftsmanship and construction.


If you need a mover’s art cart in Las Vegas, you should look to Museum Choice because we focus on convenience and ease of service for our customers. The standard size is 28” X 36” X 60”, but you can also opt for a custom size. The largest carts can handle up to 12 large paintings. The cargo does not need to be wrapped or prepared in any way – you only have to place the pieces in the cart and roll it to the truck to be strapped to the wall and driven to its destination.
Once it has arrived the cargo can be unloaded just as easily as it was put on the cart. It can be easily maneuvered throughout the exhibition hall with an excellent turning radius for cramped spaces. The carpeted corners also protect walls and doors from damage during transport. You do not need a group of people to move the cart. No matter the size, one person can easily manage the cargo.
These custom made mover’s art carts and exhibition carts are perfect for moving across town or hauling your artwork to its latest presentation. If you have any questions at any time while you are using the carts, you can call our customer service representatives who are available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.
Our quality craftsmanship and construction materials have gone into creating an excellent fleet of carts for your art moving needs. If you are in need of transportation for moving your art to your new home, ask for our mover’s art cart in Las Vegas; or if you need to get your art to your latest showroom exhibition an exhibition cart in Las Vegas is for you.