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The Museum Choice Difference

Museum Choice Crating and Shipping is a leading art shipping company that transports art to and from art dealers and museums around the world. We are passionate about art and understand the extreme importance of getting it to it’s final destination in one piece.

When artists and art galleries around the world ship their own art, they have the task of building their crates and packaging. Having your crating custom built can be very expensive, and unless you know enough about shipping, this can cause damage and more expenses later. You must also be knowledgeable regarding the international paperwork, arranging shipping and delivery. The right packaging, shipping and delivery of the art, is crucial to getting your piece of art in perfect condition.

Shipping For Art Dealers & Galleries

COD ServiceFor galleries and individual art dealers, we make it simple; schedule a pickup with Museum Choice Crating and Shipping. No need for boxes, no paper and no bubble wrap. For art dealers, just contact us; we will take care of the rest for you. We have extensive knowledge of shipping internationally and domestically. The size, shape, and weight of your piece, will determine the way we package your art.

Our state-of-the-art floating crate will ensure that your art will arrive at it’s destination without damage. The Floating Crate is a custom crate built specifically to match the dimensions of each piece of art. We do not use any bubble wrap, packaging peanuts or shrink-wrap. We use special foam that allows the artwork to stay in place during shipping. Our crate packaging is also ergonomically designed. We will never allow a crate to be delivered without proper paperwork for any shipment, and we are fully bonded and insured.

Let Us Ship Your Art

At Museum Choice Crating and Shipping, we ship art to and from art dealers both domestically and internationally without delays or damage. Contact us today, our professionals are available to take care of your art and answer any questions that you may have.