Art Shipping For Auctions

Art Auction Transport

Whether you are a buyer, seller, or an auction house, Museum Choice Crating and Shipping is the only choice for secure delivery of your artwork to its local, national, or international destination. We provide comprehensive shipping solutions for auctions, including packing and crating, insurance, security, logistical coordination, including a network of reliable climate and non-climate controlled ground and air carriers. We can also arrange customs clearance if needed. This eliminates the hassle of dealing with multiple providers to get your artwork to and from auction sites, saving you precious time and money.

Auction Sellers

Auction Art ShippingIf you are a local seller wishing to offer art for auction in Las Vegas, we provide safe, secure door-to-door transport to the auction site. If you wish to expand your market, particularly if you own rare and valuable items, you may also want to participate in national or international auctions. Venues include well-known auction houses located in New York, London, Paris, Hong Kong, and Geneva. You can rely on Museum Choice Crating and Shipping to handle the entire process and to protect your valuable assets against damage, breakage, and theft, thereby ensuring they arrive safely and ready for auction.

Many local, national and international auction houses are now offering on-line bidding where artwork can be displayed on their site instead of leaving your Las Vegas location. We can provide an estimated range of packing and shipping costs that include an on-line presentation so that potential buyers have an idea of the total amount involved in the purchase.

Auction Buyers

For buyers living in Las Vegas or other parts of the country, with the winning bid for an in person or on-line Las Vegas auction, we can handle the entire packing and shipping process. We will deliver your art to the desired location in perfect condition.

Las Vegas Auction Houses

Many auction houses, both nationally and internationally, offer their buyers an alternative shipping option, particularly if they have participated in an on-line auction. This option would be a desirable service to avoid unnecessary delays and the use of multiple contractors.

Art Transportation

We are experts in handling fine art and antiques, including extremely fragile or irreplaceable works of art. Our patented “Floating Crate” provides the ultimate protection for your art and ensures that:

  1. They are intact and ready for display and sale when they reach their destination.
  2. They are in their original condition when they are delivered to the winning bidder.

Since we employ a proprietary system of collection agreements with these carriers, we can provide dependable C.O.D. services if shipping costs have not been paid at the time of the sale. Now you can participate in the exciting world of auction buying and selling, knowing that your precious works of art are in the excellent and capable hands of Museum Choice Crating and Shipping. Our innovative packing and handling solutions gives you peace of mind while you art is in transit, so contact us and get started today.