Art Shipping

Art Shipping

Whether you need to ship a large collection or even a single piece of artwork, Museum Choice Crating and Shipping will ensure that these valuable and often irreplaceable possessions will arrive at their destination on time and safely.

Professional Art Shipping

Many artists, collectors, and even museums and galleries crate and ship their own artwork, often constructing and using inferior and amateurish crating and packing. Many times they are stuck completing their own paperwork, insuring, and arranging with multiple carriers for shipping and delivery. Unfortunately, this often results in damage and even loss at a rate of as much as 30%. Additional costs may be incurred since the damaged artwork must often be shipped back to the artist or gallery for repair or even replacement.

Museum Choice Crating and Shipping provides comprehensive professional art shipping services to assist you in eliminating these losses, saving you valuable time, money, and preserving these precious works of art. Whether we are dealing with local transport and shipping of individual pieces or large collections, you can rely on us to handle the entire process from start to finish. Our services include professional packing and crating, logistical coordination, working with dependable ground and air carriers, insurance, security, and payment collection.

Shipping All Types Of Art And Valuables

No piece of art is too fragile or valuable for our superior shipping process, including but not limited to:

  • Paintings
  • Glass
  • Ceramics
  • Sculptures
  • Antiques
  • Wood Carvings and Furniture
  • Book and Document Collections
  • Leather Items
  • Furs
  • Metal
  • Museum or One-of-a-Kind Pieces

Using our expert assessment capabilities, we tailor our shipping, pick-up and delivery methods to suit the artwork or valuable being transported, providing the proper storage environment and carrier, paying particular attention to temperature, climate and humidity.

Why Use Us For Art Shipping?

Museum Choice Crating and Shipping is known nationally and internationally as the premier choice for your art shipping needs. Rather than dealing with multiple providers, we provide a single source for the safest shipping of your art objects. Other than our superior service, we also stand out above the rest with our innovative and patented “Floating Crate”, which virtually eliminates the possibility of damage to your artwork. We also have a proprietary system of collection agreements with the carriers, enabling us to provide you with reliable C.O.D. when appropriate.

Whether you are an individual collector, an artist, a gallery, a museum, or an exhibitor, contact Museum Choice Crating and Shipping, today for worry-free art shipping.