Artist Shipping Las Vegas

Artist Shipping Las Vegas

Las Vegas artist shipping has never been easier or more secure than with Museum Choice Crating and Shipping. Whether you’re shipping a single piece or an entire collection, locally or internationally, you can count on our patented floating crate design and professional practices to get your work to its destination without the risks of damage or late delivery.

Challenges of Artist Shipping in Las Vegas

As an artist, you take pride in your work. You want to make sure your art is handled with care, whether you’re sending a collection to be displayed in a gallery, shipping it to buyers, contributing it to an auction, or transporting it for other purposes. A single scrape can reduce the value of a piece, which is a huge disappointment to you and potential buyers.

Transporting art is a challenge in its own right. Every piece has its own shape and size, and if you do something other than painting, its shape and weight can vary even more dramatically. Transporting art pieces safely requires fairly snug, sturdy packing, but it also needs to be gentle on them as well. This means each packing unit must be specially tailored to the individual piece to account for its size, shape, and weight. If it’s fragile, the packing needs to be even more secure.

Simply put, for an artist shipping in Las Vegas or elsewhere, transporting artwork can be a hassle. This is where Museum Choice comes in.

Comprehensive Services

Our patented floating crate design ensures safe delivery of each piece, and we handle numerous other aspects of shipping as well. These include:

• Packing and crating
• Domestic and international shipping
• Insurance and security
• COD (Cash On Delivery) service
• Coordinating shipping efforts with multiple carriers
• Full logistical services
• Handling customs clearance and other shipping paperwork

Whether you need a piece shipped across town or to another country entirely, you need services that will handle the difficulties and nuances of art shipping for you. That way, you can focus on creating your work rather than worrying about the complexities and risks of shipping it.

Any Item, Any Size, Any Value

Museum Choice handles a wide variety of art pieces, regardless of whether it’s heavy, bulky, or fragile. We ship low and high value items with the most secure methods available, and have experience handling:

• Paintings of various media, including oil, acrylic, and watercolor
• Glass and ceramics
• Carvings
• Furniture items
• Sculptures
• Antique items
• Metal
• Museum pieces
• Leather
• Furs
• Books and documents

Each item is assessed and carefully packed, shipped, and picked up in the most secure way possible, ensuring that each piece arrives on time without a scratch. Humidity and temperature are taken carefully into account also, minimizing the risk that national or international transport will affect the item.

International and Domestic Shipping

Our comprehensive artist shipping services include transporting items locally, from state to state, and across national boundaries. Each of these has its own nuances to take into account, and we handle all the details ourselves. Our full logistics services allow us to coordinate transportation and ensure items arrive on time locally and internationally, so you don’t have to worry about delays or losses.

Whether you’re an artist shipping within Las Vegas or to the other side of the globe, Museum Choice Crating and Shipping is the most secure, reliable choice for transporting your art.