COD Service

Get Peace Of Mind With “Cash On Delivery”

  • We’ll pick up your customer’s payment and postage for you.
  • COD also gives you the added security of insurance.
  • We provide this service also for international shipping.

COD Service

COD Specialized

COD ServiceCollecting the cost of shipping at the time of sale is another significant problem for art galleries and antique dealers. MCC&S has overcome the many issues related to collecting COD shipments. The many carriers, including FED/EX have weak internal mechanisms for assuring the collection of COD charges.

MCC&S has overcome these gaps in delivery through proprietary methods and with special collection agreements with the actual carriers. A more defined explanation about COD: This type of transaction is better known as cash on delivery. However, as other forms of payment became more common, the word “cash” was replaced with the word “collect” to incorporate transactions with checks, credit cards or debit cards.