Museum Choice Crating and Shipping believes that handling and shipping fine art is a specialized skill that requires such precision that it is an art of its own. We are passionate about art, so we take shipping and packaging it very seriously. We only staff those who are passionate as well to be certain your art makes it to its final destination unscathed. We understand that the piece is valuable to you and those who are receiving it. We are here to negate any worries about shipping your art to its domestic or international destination.

Crating Art And Valuables

Crating art and valuables properly is the most important part of getting your art to the museum or art collector intact. Doing this yourself can be very costly, and hiring someone to build it for you even more so. A custom crate or box may need to be designed and constructed to accommodate the work of art being shipped. Our art travel crates can be custom designed to fit the needs of each work of art or valuable item to ensure the safest travel. Our crates have built-in frameworks, custom cribbing supports, padding and hardware as well the right cushioning where needed. We treat your items as our own. Don’t take a risk with the artwork that is precious to you; let Museum Choice Crating and Shipping take the uncertainty out of the crating and shipping process.

Why The Floating Crate Is The Superior Choice

The Floating Crate is the new, revolutionary, cost efficient, way to ship art. The Floating Crate is custom designed packaging especially made for the shipment and delivery of art. We do not use bubble wrap or shrink-wrap. Cardboard is used as well as special foam. We construct the foam to hold the artwork in place in a “floating” position to absorb any shock from shipping. Our crates are also ergonomically built, so they are easy to move when they get to their final destination. The Floating Crate is the most popular choice for shipping to and from art museums, art collectors and artist.

Let Us Ship Your Art

Bring in your art and we will ship it safely for you. Our professionals are waiting to answer any questions you may have. Call today to speak with someone about how we can help you..