From Order To Delivery

Just Drop it Off

and walk away

For galleries, just bring your art to MCC&S. No boxes, no bubble wrap, no paper. For individual users, just take the art off the wall and bring it to us. Antique dealers and EBay sellers, you don’t have to do a thing. Just get the art to our door and walk away.

From Order To Delivery

And Let Us Do The Job

secure, inspect, crate & ship

MCC&S will inspect your art and take whatever measures are needed to secure the item for shipping. This may include shrink wrapping, preparing special fittings to hold loose objects, un-framing the art to prepare for shipping or even breaking the object down for safer shipment.

From Order To Delivery

National & International

the world is our playground

Local or International Shipping is all the same to us. There’s no mystery to our skilled shipping staff about international documentation, customs inspections and materials disclosures. We even have translators and interpreters to speed the process and National shipments are easy, safe and door to door. We can even provide “White Glove Service” if the recipient wants the art uncrated, put together and put in place.

From Order To Delivery

Your Crate Arrives…

shipping art has never been easier

Our policies and procedures provide delivery directly to your client and the intended recipient. Crates are never left without signature and payment. We maintain evidence of delivery and full acceptance documentation. Our documents stand up to any challenge of delivery and are accepted in disputes by all credit card companies.

From Order To Delivery