Furniture Shipping Las Vegas

Furniture Shipping in Las Vegas

It can be stressful to manage furniture shipping in Las Vegas due to the vast amount of products and items that can be called furniture. The main goal of Museum Choice is to give the versatility required in our shipping services. This means allowing you to ship packages in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Whether it is an ottoman or dining table, we will be able to package the piece of furniture and secure its transportation to your desired destination.

Service Convenience

Our furniture shipment services are easy to follow and convenient. This service includes a streamlined process that helps you track your package to its destination. All you have to do is leave it at our shipping location and we take care of the rest. Once it is left at the store, our staff will measure and weigh the cargo to prepare it for shipping. Preparation includes packaging and loading to take it to the desired location.
As an added benefit, we ship both nationally and internationally. Our staff works closely with government officials to ensure customs inspections, documentation, and other shipping requirements run smoothly.

Secure from Loading to Offloading

Museum Choice uses quality packaging materials to secure and protect our cargo. In addition to physically protecting the furniture, we also ensure the proper security measures to monitor the package to its destination.
As part of this process, we have our own policies and procedures that ensure the cargo is always secure until it reaches its recipient. This means you can rest easy every step of the way. In addition, our staff will not let go of the furniture until it has been signed off by the recipient, along with adequate documentation and identification. This is followed by a notification to you that your package has been delivered, providing the associated proof of delivery for your records.

Additional Services

Museum choice also comes with additional services that we pride as our distinguishing features in furniture shipping for Las Vegas. Museum Choice insures all cargo in the case of damage or misappropriation during the shipping process. This is backed up by a chain of possession so we can track the cargo’s location in real time. Every piece of furniture is photographed and assessed before shipment to ensure its condition upon arrival.
In addition to these services, our customer service is unmatched. We have representatives available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week to handle all inquiries, including handling and claims. Apart from our representatives, we also have translators and interpreters to manage any international shipping. These interpreters will handle the documentation and any problems that might arise when working with foreign governments.
We pride ourselves as a choice shipping company to assure that your valuable cargo makes it to its destination. Our staff works tirelessly around the clock to handle any issues and monitor your furniture during the length of its trip. We uphold these standards to distinguish ourselves from other furniture shipping countries in Las Vegas.