Gallery Shipping Las Vegas

Gallery Shipping Las Vegas

Gallery shipping in Las Vegas and other areas can be a lengthy, complicated, worrisome affair. You have priceless pieces of art that need to be transported, either to your gallery, to buyers, or elsewhere. With shipping, there is always a risk involved—the item could be damaged or arrive late (or not at all) if it’s not handled properly.

Museum Choice Crating and Shipping offers skilled professional art shipping within Las Vegas and throughout the nation. We also provide international shipping for art galleries.

Transporting Gallery Artwork – Any Volume, Any Value

Perhaps you need to send a piece out to a buyer. Maybe you’ve just obtained a piece, and you need to transport it securely so it can be displayed in its full splendor at your gallery. Maybe you need to transport the entire gallery itself for relocation or remodeling. Whatever the type, size, shape, weight, or durability of the items you need to ship, Museum Choice can make sure they arrive safely and in a timely manner.

The specialized floating crate design we use to pack art pieces is specifically tailored to fit the piece it will hold, taking into account its shape, size, and weight. Fragile items are secure in these crates, and that plus our professional expertise allows us to transport valuable art pieces without risking damage to them. Rare or unique items are also safe with us.

Comprehensive Services

With Museum Choice, shipping valuable gallery pieces has never been easier. Just drop off the piece, and we’ll take care of the rest. We handle gallery shipping in Las Vegas and across the nation as well, and our logistical services are specially designed to make sure each piece arrives where it needs to.

We handle the nuances of gallery shipping, including coordination between carriers, packaging and crating, collecting payment, customs clearance, security, climate control, and so much more. With our COD (Cash On Delivery) services, we preserve your reputation and ensure that the item is delivered in perfect condition.

Domestic and International Services

We not only handle deliveries in Las Vegas, but also all over the country and across international borders. Our full logistics services ensure each item arrives on time, and we handle the technicalities of shipping to other nations as well, including maintaining contacts with shipping enterprises in other nations, customs clearance, and the various bits of paperwork associated with shipping art internationally.

Secure Transport

The security of our shipping services starts with the crating. Our patented floating crate design absorbs the shocks and bumps of normal transport, ensuring that each piece arrives scratch free, regardless of the distance, handling, or durability of the item.

We also provide a shipping protection plan that insures virtually any piece against loss or damage, and our expertise in this area prevents fraud or other factors from driving up insurance costs. This, plus our COD services, assures you that each piece will be delivered with the care and consideration it deserves.

Whether you need gallery shipping in Las Vegas, over state lines, or across the globe, Museum Choice Crating and Shipping provides the expertise and skill you need.