Insurance Service

The Museum Choice Crating & Shipping Protection Plan

InsuranceArt shipments are automatically insured and covered up to $3500 in value. Excess coverage is available at reasonable additional rates, up to $1,000,000. A zero deductible applies, so there is no cost to either the shipping party or the recipient, in the event of a claim.

Other carriers make the insuring of fine art complicated and difficult. Some carriers limit coverage to only $600. The staff at MCC&S are experts. Our knowledge of art prevents fraud and false appraisals from driving up insurance costs. Our art shipping consultants can indentify art and place a value within minutes. Each piece is photographed and assessed for condition before it is shipped. Then it is delivered directly to the recipient where payment is made. This assures damage free delivery and establishes a chain of possession, eliminating lost crates, unaccounted damage, and claims after the fact.

We Have Solved The Insurance Riddle and The International Shipping Conundrum