International Art Shipping

International Shipping

Don’t trust your international art shipping to second-rate delivery companies. Museum Choice Crating and Shipping handles the logistics for international art shipping to any location in the world. Our Floating Crate shipping system guarantees secure delivery of your pieces to or from museums, art galleries, or dealers across the globe. Fine art should be entrusted to the caring hands of dedicated professionals who appreciate the value of these works of art for their monetary and artistic aspects. We pride ourselves on guaranteeing our clients worry-free transit and delivery of artwork across the globe.

We Ship To Any Location In The World

Regardless of what country you need to send pieces to, Museum Choice Crating and Shipping can ship your art to any location around the world. Our staff has experience managing paperwork, transportation and delivery of valuables across the globe. Our network of worldwide contacts extends to every corner of the globe, ensuring the seamless transportation and receipt of your art. We will get your piece where it needs to be in the precise condition in which it was given to us.

International Art Shipping Expertise

Shipping valuable art pieces across international lines requires the touch of experience. We have the international art shipping expertise to guarantee secure arrival of your property to its target destination wherever that may be. Our time in the art shipping sector has led to the development our “smart crating” technology and service. This advance in the design and creation of custom crating options has helped to establish our role as one of the industry leaders. Logistical expertise, experience with customs paperwork and connections with couriers around the world make us the hands-down choice for your international art shipping.

Choose Us For International Art Shipping

No other company offers the security of our patented Floating Crate system. We ship to any destination, offer the most secure crating mechanism, and the most comprehensive international art shipping service in the industry. We evaluate every variable in the international art shipping process including environmental factors like climate, temperature and humidity, as well as things like pick-up conditions, mode of transport, and final destination. Call Museum Choice Crating and Shipping; we are the professional choice for reliable international art shipping.