Las Vegas Auction Shipping Small to Large

Las Vegas Auction Shipping – All Items –Small to Large

Museum Choice Crating and Shipping is the only choice when it comes to auction shipping, all items small to large, in Las Vegas and elsewhere. We provide packing and crating services that are specially designed to protect valuable art pieces in transit, and the breadth of our services is unmatched. Whether you’re a buyer who has just obtained a priceless work of art or an auction seller looking for a reliable way to transport pieces to the next auction, we provide just the services you need.

For Buyers

After procuring a piece of art or other auction item, transporting it home or to a gallery can be problematic, especially if you came in from out of state for the auction (or made the bid online). You want to make sure the piece not only reaches its intended destination, but that it does so without a scratch. Whether it’s high or low value, Museum Choice provides the secure transportation you need. The float crate system we use ensures no harm whatsoever comes to your piece, whether you need it shipped within Las Vegas, to another state, or even out of the country.

For Sellers

As an auction seller, you have a very unique inventory, often composed of an eclectic collection of unique or rare items, all of which need to be transported with the utmost care. Whether you are looking to sell them within the city of Las Vegas, at a location in another state such as New York, or in a foreign venue like Hong Kong, London, or Paris, you need transportation services you can rely on to get your items to their designated location with no value lost.

Museum Choice provides auction shipping on all items, small to large, in Las Vegas and other areas. In addition to packing, crating, and shipping, we also provide insurance and security, logistical coordination, customs clearance, and a variety of other services to ensure your pieces reach their destination in perfect condition.

Auction House

As an auction house, you might provide buyers with shipping options to ensure their purchases are delivered safely and securely. Museum Choice provides shipping for auction houses and their buyers, whether they bid in person or online.

Any Size, Any Value

It doesn’t matter the size, shape, or worth of the item. Museum Choice provides shipping and packing that is specifically tailored to deliver even the most fragile items to their intended location without any damage whatsoever. Our COD (Cash On Delivery) service gives you an added measure of assurance that your piece (or pieces, however many they may be) will be delivered safely.

Domestic and International Shipping

Our full logistical services can deliver a piece to another country just as easily as transporting it locally from door to door. We specialize in domestic and international delivery on all auction items, whether it’s a single small art piece or several antique items of varying sizes and shapes. We do this with our comprehensive services that ensure that every aspect of the shipping process, including logistics coordination, climate control, and customs clearance, are handled effectively. Whether across national lines or within Las Vegas, auction shipping for all items small to large has never been easier than with Museum Choice, so contact us to handle all your shipping needs!