Museum Art Shipping


Smart Crating & Shipping Your Art

At Museum Choice Crating and Shipping, we facilitate art shipping to or from any museum domestically or internationally. We specialize in all things regarding the shipping of art. We have mastered custom art shipping crates, and have all of the proper paperwork that is needed for museum art shipments. Our Museum Choice Crating and Shipping staff has many years of experience working with museum exhibitions. We have worked with museums around the world and have extensive logistic and coordination skills to ensure that your piece of art will make it to its final destination unharmed.

Using The Floating Crate For Museum Shipping

Artwork can be very expensive to ship, but the artwork is expensive as well. We want to take every precaution shipping valuable pieces of art no matter the museum distance, intrastate, interstate or internationally. Imagine you ship your art to find that when it arrives, it is damaged. The art will then have to be shipped back to the artist with the possibility of additional damage being done to it on the way back. We can’t stress enough the importance of getting your package there unharmed. The Floating Crate is a revolutionary way of shipping any artwork. Cardboard is used to cover the art and fit the exact dimensions of your artwork. Cardboard creates a safe place for the artwork; it will not loose its protective state during shipping. An inner crate is then constructed to create a “floating” placement inside the crate. We will then construct an outer crate from special foam that is designed to hold the Floating Crate in place. The Floating Crate will buffer any movement from the shipping process. We make our Floating Crates as lightweight as possible with a carrier friendly shape for easy handling.

Why Choose Us?

Museum Choice Crating and Shipping has listened and taken direction from artist and museums from around the globe to design and create the best art-shipping crate in the industry. We take shipping artwork seriously. We have working relationships with artists and museums on nearly every continent. We work together to ensure the best shipping method is used to get pieces to their intended destination undamaged. Call Museum Choice Crating and Shipping to schedule your next artwork shipment. We are here to answer any questions you may have.