MCC&S is proud to present a collection of customer success stories delivered right from the people that use Museum Choice Crating and Shippng on a regular basis to make them more productive. Have you got your ‘Floating Crate’ today?

We have been using Museum Choice Crating and Shipping for 7 years. Over this time we have shipped thousands of pieces of art, including a major shipment to Hawaii of over 200 pieces. We have never had one incident of damage. Not one. If the truth is a recommendation, then here it is.

Katherine Quinn
Widow of Anthony Quinn
Administrator of the Anthony Quinn estate

Dear Museum Choice Crating and Shipping, Last night I went to my garage, got in my car and opened the garage door. When I backed out, I ran over something very large. It was a crate with art I had purchased in Hawaii.

The FEDEX guy had put it in front of my garage door and not gotten our signature, as was required. I never even saw it and just backed out of my garage as I always do.When I opened the crate I was amazed. The art was perfect. The crate had protected everything’ and I must say, the design of that crate is terrific.Thank you for your great work. That crate really saved the day.

Kenn P
Beverly Hills, CA

Thanks James. We received the Picasso yesterday. The box was damaged but the art was fine thanks to the superior packing!

Roger MC Kamara
Dublin, Ireland

Hello Deborah:

Just thought I would let you know that the artwork arrived and it is great. The packing
is absolutely superb, although there was a little damage to the crate. Nothing that
effected the artwork but I did advise Henry Avila of the damage for his records.

Thanks again for everything.

Wendy P
Burington, ON