The Floating Crate

The Floating Crate

Safely transport precious works of art anywhere with the floating crate system by Museum Choice Crating and Shipping. Our smart crating and shipping option allows worry-free delivery of priceless pieces all across the world. Art museums, galleries, art dealers and collectors the world over can send valuable pieces to and from destinations around the globe and remain confident that they will arrive at their destination unscathed. The safe handling of valuable items is no longer a concern with the use of the floating crate. Our secure transportation solution provides an effective alternative to traditional means of shipping. Set your mind at ease with the floating crate by Museum Choice Crating and Shipping.

How Does The Floating Crate Work?

The Floating CrateThe first step in the floating great system begins with creating a custom cardboard box made with precise specifications. Then a tight fitting inner crate is designed with specific tolerances in mind. The inner will act as the “floating” portion to be suspended inside of the outer crate. The exterior crate allows up to four inches of airspace, which acts as a buffer against jolts and abrasions. The airspace helps to absorb any outside force or impact. The four corners are constructed using “special dams,” which hold the crate in place and function as additional shock absorbers. Handholds are built into the crate to prevent mishandling. The floating crate system by Museum Choice Crating and Shipping is the safest and most efficient way to ship art.

Why Is The Floating Crate Better?

The Floating CrateAs opposed to traditional methods of shipping, the floating crate is a custom-built apparatus designed with the highest level of safety and security in mind. Our patented reusable crates provide a level of security unmatched in the industry. We utilize custom cardboard containers that do not shrink, change shape, or lose rigidity in transit. Our custom cardboard containers create a nest for the piece being shipped, and the floating crate provides an internal buffer from incidental damage. The ergonomically designed crates are carrier friendly to accommodate easy handling for all those involved in the transport process. You can finally ship and transport valuable pieces of artwork with peace of mind knowing that they will arrive unblemished at their respective destinations.

What We Do

We specialize in international fine art shipping and logistics. Museum Choice Crating and Shipping offers worldwide delivery service, customized insurance, and world-class customer relations. Put your works of art in the protective hands of the professionals; call Museum Choice Crating and Shipping today.

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