The Solution

For the first time, Fine Art, Antique Businesses and individual shippers have an option. They can now hand the art to MCC&S and walk away. MCC&S crates, ships, insures and delivers the art or valuables right to the door of the client and collects the proceeds at the time of delivery. Valuables are crated in a patented, reusable and high quality crate. Clients are impressed, satisfied, and damage is a rarity. Users are able to save thousands of dollars in overhead. Individual Shippers receive their valuables trouble-free.

The Concept

PatentedThe inventor of the patented crate is an art dealer who had seen the many issues associated with shipping and crating and the inherent loss of profit. The problem began with the crates themselves. A wooden crate was not enough.

With a background in design and architecture, he began a study of the issues and of the reasons the shipping handlers themselves so frequently damaged art.

The result was “The Floating Crate” – covered by one or both of the following United States Patents: 7,422,112 and 7,686,169. This patented design provides two walls of protection, where by, one crate actually floats within the other. A special foam absorber holds the art as if ‘floating in air’ and absorbs the shock that is created when the crate is dropped or treated roughly. There are no hard mountings. The valuable becomes resistant to shock transference by ‘floating’ inside the engineered protective shell. Testing done in a controlled environment demonstrated a 98% improvement in resistance to typical handling by a shipper, even under extreme conditions.

The “floating crate” from MCC&S provides a penetration perimeter around the entire valuable. While the valuable is held firmly in place within a floating structure and can never bounce around, the outside crate takes the punishment and if pierced, the air space provides additional protection.

The cost of construction is surprisingly inexpensive and each crate is custom made for the art or valuable and fully reusable.